Practice Areas

Intellectual Property
  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Audits of your IP assets
  • Assistance in you creative/innovative projects
  • Management and valuation of your IP portfolios (trademarks, designs, domaine names)
  • Preparation and negotion of contracts with IP matters (MTA, Know-How, R&D)
  • Preparation and negotiation of licence, assignment and software development agreements
  • Protection of your IP assets worldwide* (availability seaches, IP portfolios monitoring, legal watch)
  • IP infringement litigation, investigations and customs seizures
  • Assistance in IP matters litigation

* Clotilde BIRON is a qualified agent at the French Trademarks Office (INPI), European Trademarks Office (EUIPO) and World IP Office, and has a large network of IP experts and attorneys to ensure protection abroad. 

Intellectual Property
Internet & Technology
  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Legal advice on your e-reputation, image rights and social networks
  • Consulting in software development and databases
  • Expertise in the field of free and open licences
  • Preparation and negotiation of licence, transfer and software development agreeements
  • Preparation and negotiation of SaaS solutions agreements, ASP contracts
  • Preparation and negotiation of maintenance, outsourcing and IT security contracts
  • Legal validation of your website and legal mentions
  • Assistance in litigations related to Internet and new media disputes
Internet & Technology
Data Protection & Privacy
  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Data Protection audits
  • Assistance in your GDPR compliance process
  • Assistance in your projects involving personal data processing
  • Updating your contracts
  • Preparation of your privacy policy and your cookies policy
  • Information, staff training in data protection
  • Assistance in data protection litigation
  • DPO services
  • GDPR Representative services (for foreign (not-EEA) companies subject to GDPR)
Data Protection & Privacy
Business Matters
  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Audits of your commercial contracts
  • Legal advice and support in your business projects
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory constraints for your projects
  • Study of the legal feasibility and legal validation of your e-commerce projects
  • Preparation of your Terms and Conditions
  • Preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts
  • Assistance in litigation related to unfair competition
  • Distribution litigation
Business Matters