Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

AVOCAT BIRON is happy to assist its clients on all matters relating to intellectual property to help them to protect, develop and defend their IP assets, in France, Europe and abroad.

  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Audits of your IP assets
  • Assistance in you creative/innovative projects
  • Management and valuation of your IP portfolios (trademarks, designs, domaine names)
  • Preparation and negotion of contracts with IP matters (MTA, Know-How, R&D)
  • Preparation and negotiation of licence, assignment and software development agreements
  • Protection of your IP assets worldwide* (availability seaches, IP portfolios monitoring, legal watch)
  • IP infringement litigation, investigations and customs seizures
  • Assistance in IP matters litigation

* Clotilde BIRON is a qualified agent at the French Trademarks Office (INPI), European Trademarks Office (EUIPO) and World IP Office, and has a large network of IP experts and attorneys to ensure protection abroad. 

Intellectual Property
Information Technology

AVOCAT BIRON advises and assists its clients on all legal aspects related to information and communication technologies (internet, computer hardware, software, electronics, telecoms).

  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Consulting in software development and database
  • Expertise in the field of free and open licences
  • Preparation and negotiation of licence, transfer and software development agreements
  • Preparation and negotiation of SaaS solutions agreements, ASP contracts
  • Preparation and negotiation of maintenance, outsourcing and IT security contracts
  • Legal validation of your website and legal mentions
  • Assistance in litigations related to Internet and new media disputes
Information Technology
Data / GDPR

AVOCAT BIRON has a solid legal expertise to help its clients in their GDPR compliance process, and to support them in the development of their projects involving data protection matters.

  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Data Protection audits
  • Assistance in your GDPR compliance process
  • Assistance in your projects involving personal data processing
  • Updating your contracts
  • Preparation of your privacy policy and your cookies policy
  • Information, staff training in data protection
  • Assistance in data protection litigation
  • DPO services
  • GDPR Representative services (for foreign (not-EEA) companies subject to GDPR)
Data / GDPR
Social Media

AVOCAT BIRON has developed a specific offer dedicated to companies, brands, artists, influencers and other personalities to assist them in managing their online-reputation.

  • Legal advice on your e-reputation, image rights and social networks
  • Legal advice relating to influencing business
  • Actions against a violation or infringement of your rights
  • Exercise of your “right to be forgotten” online
  • Assistance in your projects involving your image or reputation (sponsorship, celebrity endorsement agreement)
  • Preparation and negotiation of your contracts
  • Assistance in litigation related to image and privacy rights
  • Communication law litigation
Social Media

AVOCAT BIRON assists its clients in the development of their business, from the negotiation and drafting of their contracts (GTC, partnership, distribution…) to the settlement of their commercial disputes.

  • Due diligence and legal advice
  • Audits of your commercial contracts
  • Legal advice and support in your business projects
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory constraints for your projects
  • Study of the legal feasibility and legal validation of your e-commerce projects
  • Preparation of your Terms and Conditions
  • Preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts
  • Assistance in litigation related to unfair competition
  • Distribution litigation