Ms. Clotilde Biron achieved her Master degree in Business Law at the University of Sorbonne. Her natural interest in creative innovation, new technology and art has led her to pursue her legal studies in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Poitiers. Clotilde Biron graduated with a Master degree in Intellectual Property and, the following year, with a Master degree in International Litigation Law.

Having graduated from the French bar, Clotilde Biron has worked for several well-known law firms in France and in the USA. Clotilde Biron’s office is currently based just next to the Paris Courthouse. She is willing to travel in France or abroad to meet her clients and respond to their need with efficiency, precision and dedication.

Ms. Clotilde Biron uses her experience in the Silicon Valley to provide ever more targeted and pragmatic IP expertise on issues related to computer software, e-commerce, Internet and new technologies both inside and outside the EU.  She clerked at and has established a professional alliance with Entrepreneur Law Group LLP (www.entrepreneurlaw-group.com) and its affiliate, ComputerLaw Group LLP (www.computerlaw.com), a renowned U.S. law firm, established in Silicon Valley for over 30 years.

An early-stage venture capital firm named Florence Venture Partners LLC (www.florencevp.com) is based at the same offices of ComputerLaw Group in Palo Alto. This is where early stage entrepreneurs worldwide present their ideas, inventions, and innovations for financing and other support.  Ms. Biron is happy to make introductions to her clients who wish to extend their businesses into the United States and internationally.

In parallel to her legal practice, Clotilde Biron is working on her Ph.D. at the University of Poitiers. Her thesis investigates the design protection in the EU and in the USA, where she was invited to take part in a semester of courses at Stanford University, California.

Languages: French, English.